Wonderful and unique experience for our school - II Liceum Ogólnokształcące z BJN im. Bronisława Taraszkiewicza w Bielsku Podlaskim 

Wonderful and unique experience for our school
niedziela, 15 listopada 2015 roku
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At the beginning of November (02.11.2015 – 08.11.15) we took the opportunity and hosted Abed Abughalyon and Milan Jezeraskic, students from Jordan and Croatia. It has been a wonderful and unique experience for our school, teachers and students to host international students with AIESEC.

We could enrich our understanding of local culture, customs and traditions. Having  foreign exchange students was  a life changing experience that brought us closer together.  It was also a fantastic way of developing lifelong connections, as well as representing our school and  community to the world.

mgr Walery Skrundź

Fot. Walery Skrundź